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Objectives of Malaga Valley Innova

The Malaga Innovation Ecosystem virtual domain has been designed with the primary goal of being a single gateway to all the components and resources that make up the ecosystem. This means that anyone with an interest in the field of innovation in Malaga and Malaga Valley's geographical area of influence can access each and every one of the present and future components of the Malaga technological center from this address (URL).

Although there may be future additions, the innovation ecosystem has been structured in 3 groups (containing the various ecosystems and acting as a biome): the entrepreneurship, knowledge (experts) and smart city ecosystems.

The innovation ecosystem has the following objectives, which it shares with all the others:

  • Disseminate the achievements and excellence produced by Malaga's companies and professionals; highlight the solutions that the experts consider worthy in a Best Practices module; publish information on the people who transform society through innovation in a Successful Case Studies module.
  • Provide the means of communication needed to support any initiative related to innovation in Malaga, using the virtual domain's communications resources, as well as enabling their direct use by the companies and professionals who register as users; enhancing dissemination through the various accounts generated on social media channels, on any of the portals to which MVInnova provides access, either seamlessly or by recognized connection.
  • Present and maintain a suitable level of knowledge on state of the art of innovation and technology trends, using the Innovation Observatory module, which is managed and coordinated by experts. Foster a critical and reflective approach to new technological trends.
  • Contribute to attracting companies, entrepreneurs and projects from around the world and motivating them to establish themselves in our city.

The resources assigned to the entrepreneurship ecosystem meet the following objectives:

  • Assist, advise and promote ideas, projects and technology-based businesses, including traditional business models in which innovation plays a role.
  • Promote entrepreneurship among Malaga's population, following the entrepreneurial life cycle and identifying all the entrepreneurial agents operating in the Malaga Valley's area of influence.
  • Unite interests and connect entrepreneurs with other agents, to make the virtual domain a preferential tool for use by all entrepreneurs in Malaga.

 The resources assigned to the expert platform meet the following objectives:

  • Host the Malaga Valley experts register that provides companies and professionals with a complete entry covering their knowledge and experience profile. The register is structured in groups according to the highest level of influence in the field of innovation.
  • Publish and disseminate information and serve as an alternative sales channel for businesses and professionals, offering a comprehensive products and services catalogue that is managed by the experts registered on the platform.
  • Combine the various solutions offered by businesses and professionals by crossmatching them with the products and services catalogue. The catalogue is organized by sectors to which the solutions are directed, so it can be consulted by each sector of the market.
  • Provide an Intranet environment exclusive to those registered experts whose field of activity coincides with the interests of the Communities of Practice as these are progressively created as Areas of Interest. This social architecture 2.0 tool has been designed to promote cooperation, collaboration and to create synergies between companies and professionals within the community.
  • Offer a complementary pre-sales route to attract potential customers by using a public consultation module. By using the module to pose questions to the experts who have classified their expertise, they can resolve the issues raised, gaining new contacts in the process.

The resources assigned to the smart city ecosystem meet the following objectives:

  • Foster applications oriented towards Smart Cities, as well as the design and production of solutions for smart cities.
  • Offer entrepreneurs, companies and professionals access to the entire process for using the Malaga UrbanLab, establish and monitor the activities with the Technical Office, record and disseminate the portfolio of urban laboratory projects, as well as the consulting, promotion and standardized validation test processes conducted in the laboratory.
  • Provide information on the Demonstration Center's activities, manage the operations related to its use and conduct demonstration sessions for the solutions aligned with the criteria defined for the Center's scope; provide multimedia support material for the demonstrations and channel the processes related to the interactions between companies and professionals in the Demonstration Center.
  • Publish and disseminate information related to the Malaga Green Economy project, focused on implementing the sustainability practices recommended for businesses and professionals. Enable the recruitment and training of professionals in the field of sustainability and serve as an entry point for communication with the Sustainability Technology Center.
  • Enable access to modules and platforms providing services to the Malaga Smart City strategy, especially everything related to companies and professionals affiliated to the Smart City practices, as well as tools for public and/or professional use, such as Open Data, Big Data and the Internet of Things
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