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Legal notice

Malaga City Council has created a virtual space whose mission is to embrace the city's entire innovation ecosystem. This set of elements is composed of various portals, resources and tools that provide information of interest to citizens and businesses and enable communication and collaboration among the agents, institutions, companies and professionals who have formally registered as authorized users.

Malaga City Council uses the term Malaga Valley to identify a framework for action within the technological and innovation field, and gives the name Malaga Valley Innova (hereinafter MVI) to the underlying platform that enables access to the whole innovation ecosystem, despite the fact that the components coexist with domains and separate entry routes of their own. The main access route will be through the URL, Malaga City Council reserves the right to change the above denominations, as appropriate.

The MVI operating model favors the management of content by registered users, although Malaga City Council also generates information for MVI. Malaga City Council intends the information to be useful and suitable for its intended purpose, and will resolve issues of unsuitable content as quickly as possible, trying to avoid mistakes and correcting them as soon as they are detected. However, Malaga City Council cannot guarantee that the information included in the website will be free of errors or continually updated.

Malaga City Council reserves the right to make changes to, delete and update the information included in the web site, as well as change its configuration or design at any time and without notice.

Access to the virtual space of the innovation ecosystem, as well as the use of the information it contains, are entirely the responsibility of the user. Malaga City Council is not liable for any damage arising from said access or use, nor can the Council ensure that access be uninterrupted or that the content or software available for access be free of error or harmless.

The information provided in response to any query or request for information is purely informative and in no way binding with respect to the resolution of administrative procedures, which are strictly subject to the laws or regulations that apply to them.

Some published content may include links to third-party web pages that are considered to be of interest to users. Malaga City Council declines any liability arising from connecting to these sites or using their content.

The graphic design and codes contained in MVI are owned by the City Council of Malaga, or shared with the EOI Foundation or Brantor Consultores SL (because of the use of their Petalo architecture), unless different ownership is otherwise indicated, and are protected by intellectual property laws.

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