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2 SEP 2015

The CITIC becomes the National Cyber-Security Grouping's representative in Andalusia

Emprendedores | Industria Digital

The aim is to promote a cluster of Andalusian companies in order to improve their competitiveness and globalization The Andalusia Center for Inn...

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28 AUG 2015

Soluntic is to conduct diagnoses as part of the CEM-Malaga City Council "SME Technological Competitiveness Program"

Emprendedores | Industria Digital

Javier Toledo Ferrera, Technology Consultant and CEO of the Malaga-based company Soluntic, will provide guidance on technological competitiveness t...

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19 AUG 2015

A company at the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA) has announced ten new positions for engineers at its R&D area

Emprendedores | Industria Digital

Due to the need to strengthen its R&D department, Premo Group has decided to organize a selection process for ten new research positions at its pla...

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18 AUG 2015

Social innovation spreads across the province with 29,100 people benefiting from La Noria projects

Emprendedores | Industria Digital

Social innovation spreads across the province with 29,100 people directly benefiting from La Noria projects. Training in the fourth sector and its ...

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17 AUG 2015

Sustainability brings savings, not just a good image


Companies (and in particular mass consumer companies) have been opting for sustainable production measures for some time. Not only to have a good i...

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7 AUG 2015

The NESS Device in Defense of the Environment

Emprendedores | Industria Digital

No doubt on many occasions you have lamented the liters and liters of water wasted while waiting for the hot water to come on in your taps at home....

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