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Malaga is committed to strengthening its business sector by promoting and strengthening existing enterprises or supporting the creation of new ones, paying special attention to small and medium businesses as generators of wealth and employment.

More specifically, for over a decade the city has boasted a network of publicly and privately run incubators that support entrepreneurial projects by providing them with resources and services during their stay in the incubator.

Today, several organizations have incubators in Malaga: Promálaga, the European Business and Innovation Centre of Malaga (BIC Euronova), University of Malaga, Andalusia Technology Park, Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE), amongst others.


Promálaga is a company created in 1987 by Malaga City Council. It strives to support entrepreneurial drive, the endorsement of entrepreneurs, technological innovation and the promotion of international investment.

BIC Euronova

BIC EURONOVA is the European Business and Innovation Centre (CEEI) in Malaga, located in the Technological Park of Andalusia. Company was formed by public and private capital, founded in 1991 on the initiative of the European Commission.

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