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Acerca de - Browser as a Service
The fastest website and webpage screenshot generator service, thumbnails, fullpage or any size with simple API.
PageLr is a Browser in the Cloud service, based on standard browser technologies re-invented as a native cloud service.
The PageLr technology is based on the standard desktop WebKit HTML5 browser engine, re-engineered as a native multithreaded elastic cloud service. By re-engineering the browser engine for the cloud we have made it vastly more efficient, more robust and much simpler to operate as an elastic scalable service in the cloud.
Existing services such as www.url2png,,,, etc. are all based on ‘headless browsers’ shoehorned into the cloud with inefficient or complex systems as workarounds to inherently single user desktop technology, very hard to scale, and very brittle.
Initially is focusing on commercializing its rendering capabilities. Running web rendering in the cloud opens up interesting scenarios.
The use cases for the PageLr rendering service are “Anywhere there is a need to display a web page, but impractical, unnecessary or impossible to launch or host a full browser.”
Beyond rendering we have prototyped a scraping/listening service allowing full DOM/BOM scraping.
Usage Scenarios
• Thumbnails on web pages, e.g. Web Summit 2014 Exhibitors
• OpenGraph image (when sharing page on Facebook etc.)
<meta property="og:image" content="" />
• Social network sharing/liking a page -> Show PageLr thumbnail in feed (Facebook/Twitter etc)
• Search result thumbnail previews a la Windows 8.* Smart Search Thumbnails e.g.

• Search result preview on web, like our on-hover demo
• Wearable Devices, smartwatch etc.
• On Windows Live Tiles (PC/Phone)
• Capturing entire pages for tracking, history, change detection etc. E.g. ,
• Validating/Testing Responsive Web Design

PageLr was official ALPHA Startup at the WebSumit in Dublin 2014


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