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Stylishly Incorporating Virtual Reality to the iPhone

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Wednesday, 25 November, 2015 - 17:10

After analyzing Figment, a fairly attractive and promising gadget which is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter, you can incorporate virtual reality to your iPhone, if it is an iPhone 6 or above. If you want to get it, you can do so at the campaign price which is presently below €50.

The design is frankly attractive and in essence it is an iPhone case, though a rather special one. As its creators indicate, you can experience any kind of sensation with it, from floating in space, scaling Mt. Everest and swimming among sharks to interacting in virtual reality based on a catalog of virtual reality apps, whose number is increasing by the day.

Judging from the information released on the campaign, which you can gain access to from here <Figment Crowdfunding>, this start-up has without doubt invested its efforts and expertise to produce a reliable high-quality product.

The case is made from a combination of rigid plastics to bear the mechanism and protect the device, along with a soft material to make it easier to insert or extract the smartphone. The lens bridge is made from 6000 grade anodized aluminum and is strong enough to withstand customized laser engraving, while the acrylic lenses are scratch resistant. The viewer lens is made from an ABS and polycarbonate mixture.

If to all this we add the CVs of Quantum Bakery's members, which is how this start-up is called, it isn't difficult to augur a brilliant future for Figment. They have already exceeded the minimum investment required and there are still a few days left.

Log on to this project's web page, where you can find very interesting videos and documents on Figment.


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