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Internationalization is a key component in promoting the competitiveness of our SMEs.

That is why Malaga is working on internationalization programs for companies with great potential, based on new technologies or business models that are or could be oriented towards the global market.

As part of the agreements signed between Malaga City Council and the School of Industrial Organization and financed by European funds, BIC-Euronova is currently supporting SMEs in Malaga by providing consultancy and advisory services oriented towards internationalization.


StepOne focuses on helping high-potential Spanish tech companies with their entry into the American market. With offices in Madrid and Silicon Valley, we generate business opportunities by connecting Spanish and US companies.

BIC Euronova

BIC EURONOVA is the European Business and Innovation Centre (CEEI) in Malaga, located in the Technological Park of Andalusia. Company was formed by public and private capital, founded in 1991 on the initiative of the European Commission.

Open for Business

International Economic Development Office for the City of Malaga

GEOMEDIA Consultores

GEOMEDIA Consultores nace furto de la unión de la sinergia entre expertos con objeto de dar servicios de asesoramiento a empresas en sus respectivas áreas: Franquicias, Internacionalización, Espacios Comerciales y Optimización TICs


Consultoría especializada en estrategia de negocio a través de la evaluación/creación de planes de negocio, mejora integral de competitividad y desarrollo de planes de expansión nacional/internacional

Nóvalo eLinguistic Services

Nóvalo ayuda a adaptar la información corporativa necesaria para implantarse a escala global a aquellas empresas, proyectos innovadores o startups que deseen exportar su idea de negocio, proyecto o empresa al mercado internacional.

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