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BNT Business S.L.

C/ Steve Jobs 2, oficina 5 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía

29590 Málaga, Málaga



BNT Business is the result of the joining of different Companies and specialists with a sharp technological know-how and valuable experience in IT, computer networks, wireless, software development management for companies and advertising.

Due to our extensive experience of over 20 years in the IT world, computer engineering and web development, we at Business BNT are ready to design the best possible communications scenery for any kind of company, optimizing and even integrating your personalised dial plan with your usual ERP/CRM. As we work with self-developed software as well as with major Communications Operators, we can offer your company Management, Control, CRM and communications' turn-key solutions including if needed, the necessary connectivity with the rest of the world even where Internet standard wire fails or does not exist.

We are capable to improve your working methods as far as communications and internal management is concerned, integrating all the services your company needs, optimising your company´s tun over. That integration and optimization usually produces as a direct result a significant reduction in your current direct costs as well as better time management, increasing therefore the overall productivity of your business.


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