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Featured Insights – F... 16/09/2019 09:09
The Holiday Season, 2019: AD&D Leaders Should Deploy Sophisticated Analytics In Their Trading Support Applications To Optimize Holiday Planning
Holiday season tests to the max the effectiveness of each retailer’s demand, price, and assortment planning, and its allocation of inventory to channels and regions. To ensure success:  Use data to drive recommendations. Follow the example of international brands like...
Featured Insights – F... 16/09/2019 09:09
The Holiday Season, 2019: AD&D Leaders Should Test Customer-Facing Applications Ahead Of The Holiday Season To Guarantee Performance During Peak Trading
I don’t know about you but the Holiday Season still always finds me personally unprepared with a huge list of gifts still to find well into December. There’s less excuse for retail AD&D professionals to be so forgetful. This blog offers retail AD&D leaders simple, actionable...
Featured Insights – F... 15/09/2019 21:09
Does ABM Help Produce Better Revenue Results?
Join me on a stroll down ABM memory lane? In September 2016, Forrester’s B2B marketing and sales research team published our first series of reports about account-based marketing (ABM). In November, we predicted that ABM would help boost B2B marketers’ customer obsession. We continue...
Featured Insights – F... 13/09/2019 20:09
Rome Was Not Built In A Day, And Neither Are Digital Businesses
As I’m returning from the Eternal City, where I’ve had the chance to walk around Rome’s Baroque architecture gems and explore its awe-inspiring art collections, I cannot stop myself from reflecting on how much talent, courage, and leadership it took to transform and build such...
Featured Insights – F... 13/09/2019 20:09
Seeking New Opportunities To Deploy Internet Of Things (IoT) Use Cases? Check Out Our Report Highlighting Hot IoT Use Cases In 2019
Is your organization currently deploying or planning to deploy internet of things (IoT) solutions as part of your digital transformation strategy? Check out the video to hear what types of IoT use cases enterprises are deploying to transform operations. IoT use cases such as facility management,...
Featured Insights – F... 13/09/2019 17:09
Join Us At Forrester’s Data Strategy & Insights 2019 Forum
As a data and analytics leader, you have the means to help your company reimagine your business. There’s an opportunity for you to become a meaningful change agent in your organization. Not sure where or how to start? We’ll help you get there at...


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