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Featured Blogs – Forr... 21/01/2022 00:01
Netflix Saturation Nears, With No Dearth Of Original Content To Binge
Netflix subscriber growth continues to slow. In its Q4, 2021 earnings interview tonight, company executives said it’s “tough to pinpoint” why customer acquisition hasn’t recovered to pre-pandemic levels. But the reality is that the streaming market has become saturated....
Featured Blogs – Forr... 20/01/2022 21:01
Avoid An Open Source Security Nightmare
We’ve had a few high-profile security problems with open source software. A disgruntled developer recently delivered intentionally modified releases of his faker.js and colors.js packages, which broke “thousands of projects” that relied on them. Some are wondering if it’s...
Featured Blogs – Forr... 20/01/2022 18:01
Sales Leaders’ Guide To Rolling Out Compensation Plans At Kickoff
Compensation plans that motivate sellers to accomplish corporate objectives are invaluable to sales growth. How sales leaders roll out compensation plans to their sales teams is crucial to gaining buy-in to the plan. Successful rollouts have three key attributes: Transparency Alignment...
Featured Blogs – Forr... 20/01/2022 15:01
The 10 Best Ways To Spend Your B2B Paid Media Budget In 2022
What's the best way to spend your paid media advertising budget in 2022? Forrester Principal Analyst John Arnold shares the 10 best ideas.
Featured Blogs – Forr... 20/01/2022 15:01
Have Courage: You’re Going To Need It To Run B2B Paid Media
B2B paid media professionals are in for a roller coaster ride over the next three to five years. Principal Analyst John Arnold explains in a new report on the future of B2B advertising.
Featured Blogs – Forr... 19/01/2022 20:01
Talent Woes: Sometimes Your Best Defense Is A Really Good Offense
Use Agile Knowledge Management Practices To Combat Knowledge Loss In The Great Resignation It’s the fourth quarter, your team is down three points, and there’s less than two minutes to go. A victory is in the hands of the quarterback and coach, who have to execute a hurry-up offense...


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